LATD 2018 Accepted Papers

Matthias Baaz and Norbert Preining. First Order Gödel Logics with Propositional Quantifiers
Guillermo Badia and Carles Noguera. Maximality of First-order Logics Based on Finite MTL-chains
Libor Behounek and Antonín Dvořák. Partial Fuzzy Modal Logic with a Crisp and Total Accessibility Relation
Guram Bezhanishvili, John Harding, Julia Ilin and Frederik M. Lauridsen. MacNeille transferability of finite lattices
Rajab Ali Borzooei, A. Dvurecenskij and A.H. Sharafi. Representing Generalized EMV-Effect Algebras
Manuela Busaniche, Penélope Cordero and Ricardo Oscar Rodriguez. Epistemic MV-Algebras
Petr Cintula, Paula Menchón and Carles Noguera. General Neighborhood and Kripke Semantics for Modal Many-Valued Logics
Alex Citkin. Hereditarily Structurally Complete Positive Logics
Marcelo Coniglio, Francesc Esteva, Joan Gispert and Lluis Godo. Maximality in finite-valued Lukasiewicz logics defined by order filters
Marcelo Coniglio, Tommaso Flaminio, Francesc Esteva and Lluis Godo. On an implication-free reduct of MVn chains
Diana Costa and Manuel A. Martins. A fuzzy-paraconsistent version of basic hybrid logic
Martina Dankova. Functionality Property in Partial Fuzzy Logic
Denisa Diaconescu and Petr Cintula. Omitting Types Theorem in Mathematical Fuzzy Logic
Denisa Diaconescu, Petr Cintula and George Metcalfe. Skolemization and Herbrand Theorems for Lattice-Valued Logics
Wesley Fussner and Alessandra Palmigiano. Residuated structures with functional frames
Nino Guallart. Neighbourhood semantics for propositional modal logic
Sándor Jenei. IULfp Enjoys Finite Strong Standard Completeness
Peter Jipsen, Fei Liang, M. Andrew Moshier and Apostolos Tzimoulis. Partially-ordered multi-type algebras, display calculi and the category of weakening relations
Ioana Leustean and Natalia Moangă. A many-sorted polyadic modal logic
Tommaso Moraschini, James Raftery and Jamie Wannenburg. Epimorphisms, definability and cardinalities
Tommaso Moraschini, James Raftery and Jamie Wannenburg. Epimorphisms in varieties of square-increasing residuated structures
Umberto Rivieccio, Thiago N. Silva and Matthew Spinks. Residuated lattices and the Nelson identity
Igor Sedlar and Amanda Vidal Wandelmer. Modal logics for reasoning about weighted graphs
Michał Stronkowski. Deciding active structural completeness
Amanda Vidal. Axiomatizability of the finitary Lukasiewicz modal logic
Eunsuk Yang and J. Michael Dunn. Implicational tonoid logics and their relational semantics